Sunday, April 15, 2007


This was only a section of the dream. I was visiting an older couple, cuz in my dream I thought, I don't get to see enough of them. When I walked into the room, they were sitting to my left on a couch. This couch wrapped around the entire room. All the fabric on the couch was a light green color. There was heavy dark wainscotting that was about 4 feet up the wall. It was above thier heads on this couch. Above that the room was pink, and at the top of the room the walls had sponged in blue spots that eventually faded to a full range of color resembling a sunset.

There also was another woman in the room. She was sitting across the room on a chase lounge. The two ladies were having a discussion, that I don't remember much about. Basically gossiping about something. Talking about thier grandkids, that I knew must be close by, but I didn't see them.

I sat down at the front of the room. As I looked at the older couple, I noticed that there was a light above the heads of the couple on the left, so bright I couldn't see them. Like it was shining in my eyes. I kept thinking, "Why would anyone have such a bright light in their room? it ruins the atmosphere." I said to them, do you mind if i walk over on this other side, and it wasn't until i walked past them that I could see all the people in the room.

Then I heard a dog, and another dog, and the another dog. The wall then opened up at the wainscotting revealing a nother room. We discussed the dogs. I called one of them by name. I said, oh is that teddy? I had to go to the bathroom.

I went into the bathroom, it was very small, and I couldn't shut the door. As I looked out, I noticed two boys sleeping on the couch. The one boy says, move over dude!

Then I left the house. I went down the road back to my apartment. But i couldn't seem to get there. In fact, it was like a video game, all these characters kept coming at me that I had to dodge, and weave. And when I finally did get there, I realized that my apartment was right behind a titty bar. There were no naked ladies, but I kept thinking, why are there naked ladies in video games?

then my stupid neighbor woke me up.

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