Saturday, June 18, 2016

Wilene Visits

I dreamt of a friend coming to visit me. She was only in town for a day, I was helping her with a project and we got through it well. But i spent time in between working on some cards I was designing and showing them two local ladies, I noticed she hadn't called or gotten back to me, She had decided to extend her stay. We set up a time to reunite. When we did we were out and about making contacts and deals.

Later I was leaving the area where we were working or walking? not sure, Home again. I looked up in the yard to see  a male and female turkey, before them, I had seen a peacock. I noticed a man down the street working on some landscaping that was making some noises or calls. Blonde, and muscular, not heavy or thin... medium build. There was a a male child that had come down to see him, that I assumed was my son, and they were involved in a very intense conversation about what the man was doing.