Friday, May 4, 2007


Last nights sleep was sporadic, and not good. I dreamt of freight elevators. Dreamt of dogs and cats fighting. I dreamt of conspiracy. Closed in rooms. Dark clouds. And i wasn't in a bad mood when I laid down.

huh. I think I need a nap. And its only 9:30 am.

Monday, April 30, 2007

The house

In my dreams I continually dream of this one location. It happens in various spots that I visit in my dreams. I am a continous traveler. Going all night long in my dreams from one spot to another.

There is a swirling visual vortex in my mind right now bringing flashing images of all the houses I have dreamt about, the stairs, the great rooms, the kitchens, and of course, the bathrooms.

This one house in particular looks like a 70's structure. Lots of glass looking out over various landscapes, including the ocean. Its a multi-level dwelling and the first room I always see from the outside as I approach it is a kitchen. Next to it is a great room with a huge stone fireplace. Very lodge like in appearance, except for the vast 60ft smoke tinted windows. I always have a hint of desire to reside there every time i see this building.

Well last night as I approached it, it looked the same. But when I got up next to it, i realized they had created a bar out of it. Smokey, lots of people, and lots of neon. I walked right by thinking how sad. That was a beautiful place one time.

I really need to get a book on dream analysis.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dinner for Breakfast

Part of last nights dream, I was in my town, visiting a relative. They had a gorgeous home, lots of picture windows looking onto wonderful landscapes including the ocean. I remember I was there to take care of their pets or something, realized they had come home. I heard voices in the kitchen. I went in and there was about 12 of them sitting around eating various foods. Lasagna, Pizza, Hamburgers, BarBQue... Etc. My first thought was, SEE? it doesnt matter what you eat for breakfast.

Then they said, Hey! Sorry we didn't tell you we were home. Want something to eat?

Then i realized they had all these adopted children, and I was so impressed how well they all got along. It was a really nice feeling dream. I left the house thinking, I hope someday that we (austin and I) are part of a family. And have a big kitchen and a yard to play in.

good dream most of the night.