Thursday, December 13, 2007

Colin Firth

I have NO idea what that is all about. But, i was working for Colin, house sitting while he was on an overseas shoot or something. Funny, he kept coming back before he was leaving to check on things. I was suspicious. Sexy... i don't know what it is about him. He had two cats, one of which hated me, one loved me.

In the house was a huge crystal globe, with some kind of scene in it. Don't remember exactly what was inside. Antique so i think it was a cherub of some kind. it was 2ft in diameter or bigger. (And there was this incredible crystal snow globe type thing. It was surrounded by a patina-ed brass ring with knobs that you used to rotate it. It was shielded in the back by a deep blue enameled brass sheet, curved to fit the globe. Star scene. Inside the globe was a scene representing some kind of village, but all I could focus on was the figurine in the middle. Not a cherub really but a winged creature, and childlike.) Then he left. As he walked outside, I watched him go. As I watched out the window, a movie started running. He and I were in a movie together. We had children, and there was some costuming. And we were kissing. Lovely.

I really should write these things first off in the morning.