Monday, March 17, 2008

Where oh Where am I going?

So last night another fantastical journey through my subconcious. I don't remember a lot of it. Mostly I remember taking a shower, finding the right shampoo and conditioner. I was at a family members place. Everyone was there either sleeping, or getting ready to go somewhere. (I have a huge feeling of transition with my family. Everyone in my family is. My sister is going places (new house and maybe baby). My brother is getting more mentally sound.) I was running around making decisions.

One scene in the "dream movie" my mother was giving me some interesting advice. It wasn't the usual mom advice. She said, "He is coming. You have to keep an eye out for a man in the car with you. Don't be afraid to help someone out with a ride or getting some help with your car. And don't be bothered about your initial reaction."

I totally blew that off. I mean really who is going to listen to their mom's advice about men!? Then I got to thinking, maybe it wasn't her talking to me. Maybe it was a face put on by someone else to give me a piece of information I would have thrown off if from a person less familiar.

You know? Things are really changing for me right now. Rapidly. Anything can happen. I guess I am going to pay attention to things that happen regarding my car! sheesh. Romance at the wheel. Maybe its D.W. Maybe its a famous race car driver. My luck? A divorced auto mechanic with a daughter. Because thats pretty much what I need in my life. A sibling for the little guy and a man that can fix my car and my attitude. :wink: