Friday, September 28, 2007


Last night was a party with friends. I lived in a really nice old house. A big yard. Lots of rooms, but we never went inside.

I had run into a group of friends at a bar. For some reason we were all dressed up in "costumes" of sort. Nothing themed, but everyone had on their particular dress. There were old velvet couches and chairs scattered about. A nondescript band was playing in the background. We hadn't seen each other in a long time. We were laughing and drinking. There was movement like a dance between us, interacting and yet not. We would wander off to do our movements, in speaking with others, but then we would congregate back on the red velvet couch to share, and giggle. Yes mostly women, I would say two men joined us, but they seemed to be an extension of someone else and not an actual member of our clan.

I remember taking our party back to my house, and laying in the yard looking up at the stars. We passed out there, and woke up to the sound of the men rummaging through the trash. I remembered we had quite a few beer cans empty sitting by the side of the road, offered them to the men, plus some of the beers we hadn't consumed.

I know there was a lot more detail to that dream. I may have to include in my new regime a half hour in the morning to write out these wonderful stories. late.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Parking Lot

I am always dreaming about parking lots! Last night, it was one where we were playing a game. I wish I would have written that one down early this morning...

It was a good feeling dream.