Wednesday, November 28, 2007

someone new

In my dream, someone new had found me. And wanted to be with me, all the time. It was a very nice communication that we had. Someone with blonde hair blue eyes, younger than me. He was kind, and energetic. Mentally compatible, laughed easily, and fit perfectly with me. I hope he is close by. I could use a reprieve from the land of the dominant overpowering male ego. He washed my cares away. I love dreams like that.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Time with you

I was at a house with relatives and friends. You showed up at the front door. I was so happy to see you. I was trying to get out of the house to have a walk and talk to you. We were hugging and kissing. The usual stare down was happening. I finally got someone to watch the little guy and we were headed out the door. As we walked down the street someone was following us. We were being shadowed by someone. They said, I don't want to see you two make a mistake. WE both said in unison, we are FRIENDS! And got frustrated. We ended our walk, and you left. I went inside to find out about my son.