Friday, August 31, 2007

Filming Water

I had a dream that I was in my house, and had a group of friends over. We were planning a trip to a theme park, and everyone was there. I was trying to round some things up before leaving the house, because the maids were coming to clean. Nice Mediterranean home, furnished, and everyone was having drinks. The maids showed up and were two spanish girls that were very friendly. And they were giggling and tellin me what needed to be done. Before we left they were already turning up the stereo, and dancing around with brooms.

We were leaving to go to the beach or park, and I was talking to someone that filming the event. We were laughing and enjoying each other getting along fine, but for some reason, I couldn't talk to him further because of another friend. Then there was another film maker. He and I were talking about the technical aspects of what we were going to film.

We get to the water park, and one of my friends is shunning me. Like she is totally embarrased by me. I am confused as to why this is happening. And then everyone else wanders off and isn't talking to me. Weird midgets appear again, and then I woke up.

man. I had a really bad feeling about this when I woke up. someone in my life is not being honest with me. And its affecting the people around it. I also think there is some kind of bad feeling I have about some of my friends. One in particular. She is not the person I thought she was. But that is not my problem, my problem is that it is hurting my feelings. I am letting it hurt my feelings.

dreams are weird.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I was having this really nice dream about people and developing some ideas, going places. But at the end of the dream, there was a man that had some experiments he wanted to show me. And some things buried in the garden that he was trying to get rid of.

So we were standing there and he digs up this vile with a bug in it. I was kicking around in the dirt, and a millipede crawled out of the test tube, and it started climbing under my big toe. I was shaking and shaking to get it off, but I couldn't. Then I woke myself up out of fear. Unfortunately that was the last vision and I couldn't remember the good parts of this dream.

stupid head. what am i thinking about? Am I ruining my chances by stirring up some dirt?