Thursday, August 23, 2007

Will Farrell's wedding

Last night i dreamt i was at a wedding. Turned out it was Will Farrell's. Wasn't a huge explosive event, something small at a quaint club in the mountains. Anyway, lots of people I don't know. Not anyone famous, but a good cast.

I wasn't actually a bridesmaid or anything, but it seems I was friends with them. ended up spending the night. At one point in the evening, I was sleeping by the window. I see this flashlight, and a man. I wasn't afraid, because he was humming/singing. I knew it was the recent groom. He started saying my name. I opened the window, and let him in. He was trying to flirt with me, but mostly he was being goofy... well cuz he is will F. after all. I said, what are you doing here? He said, I realized that I don't want to be married, after watching you all day at the reception. I said, tough shit! and laughed. WE had a long talk, and then another party ensued.

A big banquet, where everyone was dressed up. We were all going to sing karoke. There were so many beautiful talented people there, i was afraid to get up and sing... but I was determined. Woman in chains kept coming to my mind, and also chain of fools. My turn didn't come, and I woke up.

there was a lot more to this, but the dream is fading.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sex Dreams

I had a long night of various sexual activities last night. All with strangers. Sorry men who know me, it was all random. A young man for sure was interested, but you know how that goes, you are always moving through dreams at their pace. I remember sand, sun, and lots of water. And a kind set of lips and arms caressing me. As i did in return.

sure didn't want to wake up today. nope.