Friday, June 6, 2008

Brandon & Claudia

Last night I dreamt I was on a date with Brandon Fraiser. I know I know... It was really interesting. My friend Claudia and I were living in a house together. I had been at a function with some celebrities earlier, and was driving a convertible. I was in the kitchen doing the dishes. Someone knocked on the door, It was Brandon. He said he was meeting Claudia or an art opening at a bar... Smiled... asked me if I was coming along? WEll DUH!

I got dressed we went to the show. We were walking through a downtown setting with old red brick buildings fire escapses. I remember looking up and feeling Brandons eyes on me. I said, see how lovely it looks as you look up to the sky? He looked at me and smiled a "knowing" smile and looked up. Then Claudia said, Keep up!

We arrive at the bar, I notice the artwork is really bad. I start thinking about what I could do, what could i paint, what could i create. Ordering a drink, talking to the bartendress. I feel someones hand slip around mine, i look up and B is looking at me. Peaceful. It was a gentle feeling. He was intrigued with me but not overly aggressive. I felt at home finally. He told me with his eyes you are fascinating to me. I pick you.

I remember we were just passing exchanged looks and conversations about the art. He said, you are a much better artist. You should do more work.

It was an affirmation I was looking for manifested in my brain with familiar faces.