Friday, July 27, 2007

Celebrities and Ice

Shopping in the mall searching for evening gowns. Was sitting in some show, kind of like Oprah's, then I realized it was being held in a consignment shop. I knew the owner, and said this is going to be a good day for you. Walked out into the mall, and went past the makeup counter. I kept thinking I needed to have some base on my face. So my makeup pad in hand I proceeded to do that amidst all the other cosmetic sales girls putting on their makeup.

I went to stand in line to purchase something, and there was a man in front of me dressed up like a woman. It was Robert Downey Jr. I told him, that is one lousy disguise. He said I know. He was there with another celeb I cant remember and Eddy Money. I ended up talking to them for a minute. They were acting up, messing with people, I paid for my items and left. Touching up again at the make-up counter as I left.

Out into the mall I ran into an old friend, and his girlfriend I was holding a heart book marker, that was an origami paper chain on the inside, and two silver hearts on the outside. He said, I remember that heart, I always liked that. I debated upon giving it to him, and ultimately decided to do that. Saying, return this to me the next time we meet. I regretted that decision. (this is good to remember right here)

Then, I went back home to the house I had recently bought, and my neighbor came over commenting on what a great deal I had made. For some reason after that things became chaotic, and this person was killing off rodents with some strange kind of poison gun, and I was concerned because he had gone kind of crazy... I had to take away the gun for risk of being shot at with it myself.

after that, there was some kind of encounter with ice and cars being frozen... not to clear on that picture. sighs... I slept really well last night.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Stalker and Cher

So in part of this dream I was impersonating Cher, I can't imagine that as I look NOTHING like her. I was having to sit in a chair and sing Cher songs for this guy. Then I kept getting calls on my phone from this kid, and you could hear him jacking off in the background. blech. He kept saying I am leaving on a ship with the marines, and I won't be back for a while. I was saying, we just met. He was insistant. I kept hanging up.

Then there was a race i was trying to finish and a rat that was trying to keep me from winning. All in all too surreal to continue. I slept incredibly well though last night.