Monday, January 14, 2008

The Asylum

Ok another wild one! I was living in an apartment that was painted all white.I found some kind of a note on my, there was someone warning me of something. All the windows were unlocked. I wasn't too freaked out about it at first. Wandered around to start locking them up, and noticed a man in the backyard, wearing a huge warm coat. He was picking up things in the yard, when he noticed me. In his hands was a small brown child sized knitted coat. He saw me looking at him. He was afraid and wandered off.

AT some point I realized I was a therapist or a doctor in a mental institution. On my way to work I had some car issues. All kinds of detours. The hospital was on a hillside. I had to cross a small bridge to get to the hospital. When I got inside, I realized I was carrying a huge stack of drawings. I wandered deeper into the hospital, and the roof was leaking. I notice the nurses scurrying around to get people out of the flooding rooms. I was at a loss to where to help. I talked to a nurse, she was trying to direct me. I headed down to a lower level, and the water was clear and filling up the joint. Kind of clear green, and the patients that weren't even aware of what was going on, I had to get out on stretchers and move. As things cleared up a bit, i met someone out at the nurses station and we were going over schedules. She said I am sorry you had to see the place this way on your first day. At this point, a man wandered into the hallway. He faced a wall, that was partially bricked up. He started prophesies about the future, saying to the wall something about I saw what you did. I want to heal you. The nurse was yelling at him. I said, lets see what he says. he ends up melting into the wall, becoming part of it. talking about healing. becoming one with the wall, and you could see his physical shape but it became a part of the wall. then he finished up and walked off. I was discussing this with the nurse saying, did you see what he did there? she said, jack off on a wall? I said no.. something much more surreal and out of this world. You didn't see it? She looked at me like I was nuts.

I am still confused about all that.

Night before last, Johnny Depp and I were traveling together! That was a fun dream. We never had sex, but we sure did some fun stuff. Ended up making dinner together too. :-)