Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Boat

This morning in part of my dream, I was in a boat with 4 or 5 other people most of them women. I was the one working. Somehow I got off the boat, but the guy pulled up beside me saying, ok i am going to drop a kayak and you can start climbing up. I will help you.

I climbed into this boat thinking he was going to pull me up. insteand it was a succession of kayaks tied together with canvas straps,  I ended up having to climb each one of these and he would pull me up to the next one slowly.

By the time I got to the top boat, i was basically climbing into this yacht on my own. There were other women there saying YEA you made it! As i looked around the room everyone was packing up, and things were a mess. It was like i had missed somekind of big party, and was only there forthe clean up.

There was another man there sitting by the computer. He had a candle that i had made him burning. I looked down and saw it, saying to him, this looks familiar. He said, yes. you made that for me. I have been keeping it going ever since. He wasn't overly affectionate or even too excited to see me, but I knew he had some kind of sentimental attachment to me, friendship? Couldn't get a proper feel about it.

The end of the dream is blurry at this point. i didn't feel too much welcoming energy from the males of this dream and the females were all my good friends we were working together. i am tired just thinking about it. Wasn't too restful.