Thursday, May 24, 2007


I seem to always dream about architecture. A beautiful structure last night that was made of stone, and let some of the outside in. Trees that were a part of the interior design. Always looking at things like this, but never living there.

The final part of my dream, I was trying to pass someone on the road, and ended up having to go through a field of tall grass. Of course I wasnt really in a car after I got into the field. While zooming through this field, I saw little grey fuzzy bunnies sleeping. I decided to slow down so that I wouldn't hurt the bunnies.

there was so much more to this dream, but i have forgotten most of it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Back in Dallas

Part of my dream last night. I was watching a show with a good friend, and said, that is Dallas. Suddenly she and I were walking down the street to a bar by where I used to live, (the very street in the show we were watching of course). She was getting up set and throwing things. She was moving too fast and making mistakes about what was going on with her. I kept telling her she should slow down, and take her time. She got mad at me, and we had a bit of an argument. Then of course we went shopping!

I was searching for a better pair of shoes to go with my outfit, as we left in a hurry, and I was wearing flip flops. I was searching and searching. I saw some pretty amazing shoes actually. I wish I was a shoe designer. :wink: so anyway... I got a call from her on her cell phone, she was crying. Upset at herself. I told her to meet me at the restaurant, where we were going to meet my old friends Patrick and Stephen from college. I went to pick up some cleaning that I was doing, and paid with it by check. As I left, I realized that my purse was missing. In my search for the laundry mat I realized the entire mall had changed, and I was lost. I went to store after store, and it was closing time. I woke up worried about my purse.