Friday, May 18, 2007


I was staying at a hotel and we were going out to see some music and sights. I was alone at one point, and I kept hearing people trying to break into the hotel. Turns out it was a woman with a little group of kids looking for some food. I was scared till I saw that.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Band

A coworker is in a band. I got a flyer for his next performance. explains the following.

I was going to see a band play. It was in a hotel. My son and I walked upstairs to the Bar/Lounge area. There were a lot of family members there. And the stage was elevated with windows behind them. The platform was like a pyramid, and so the artists could sit on the side and play if they wanted. I found a spot to sit down, and found someone for my son to play with. And I got a drink. Saw some good looking men, and was getting all excited. Ended up sitting next to the stage and watching the band, and talking to the coworker that was playing.

I was so comfortable in this dream. I felt at home, and kind of excited the entire time. I decided it was some kind of omen, and have to go and see these guys perform. Thankfully the real venue is outdoors! bring on the music.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Toy Monster

So this dream was totally random. Then the last scene I was in an operating room watching a doctor work on a patient that was in a body bag, you could only see his legs. Turns out that it was an alien. He was using some kind of ray on the alien, to shrink him down. Then he became a toy.

When I first started watching they were talking about operating on a dog. Heh.