Sunday, November 11, 2012


I have had the most amazing dreams this week! The orca dream you can find on my blog, not just nouns and verbs.

Last nights dream i will only relay one part... i was a part of an indian tribe, but was outcast because of something i had done. I went into the river to hide from the persecutors, and held my breath. It was dusk and turning into night, so it was easier to remain hidden in the shadows. How amazing to feel things while you are sleeping and dreaming! I was underwater and could breath, so unreal. As i hid behind a submerged tree, i saw the others wandering around in the water looking for me, shooting into the water hoping to hit something. I turned around to see a dead bear laying on the bottom of this creek. I moved behind it to hide and rise for a breath so they wouldn't see me.

At some point i had held my breath so long that I had passed out. When i woke i was in a tank in some kind of water recycling facility! (dreams are so unreal) and the room i was in was filling to the top with this water. I had to swim over to the window to let the men know i was in this tank! They drained the room immediately and then came to the door. Thats when I woke up. It was the oddest feeling being in that room though, it was like I was "out of time" or had traveled to a different dimension than where i was as the "indian woman".

I don't have any clues to what dreams mean. Its fun just to watch them like a movie every night! Thankfully i feel rested when i wake up instead of worn out. What are your dreams?