Thursday, November 7, 2013


Last night i dreamt that I went out and got drunk! I mean i didn't go out to specifically get drunk. I was out around town, and was in a bar. It wasn't even a celebration, but someone offered me a drink and I took it. more than one.

Then the next day I went to a meeting and confessed. I have to say that my share was pretty epic. i had to close my eyes to do it, at the end of this share, i opened them and there was no one in the room. I felt very angry that no one wanted to sit and hear my story.

I opened the door to go outside and it seems the power had gone off, then come back on but they didn't know this. I ended up thinking i really need to get home because my son was there alone.

Many MANY other things happened in this dream. These are the things i remember. I woke up and ate a handful of candy... I am on a STRICT diet, and did that. Its the equivalent of getting drunk for me right now. NOT good.

I am so grateful to be having this experience of re-learning my body and my life. I send my request to the universe to remain involved in life and not apathetic and isolated.