Saturday, June 18, 2016

Wilene Visits

I dreamt of a friend coming to visit me. She was only in town for a day, I was helping her with a project and we got through it well. But i spent time in between working on some cards I was designing and showing them two local ladies, I noticed she hadn't called or gotten back to me, She had decided to extend her stay. We set up a time to reunite. When we did we were out and about making contacts and deals.

Later I was leaving the area where we were working or walking? not sure, Home again. I looked up in the yard to see  a male and female turkey, before them, I had seen a peacock. I noticed a man down the street working on some landscaping that was making some noises or calls. Blonde, and muscular, not heavy or thin... medium build. There was a a male child that had come down to see him, that I assumed was my son, and they were involved in a very intense conversation about what the man was doing.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Computer Attack

Last night I was dreaming of a friend, i was supposed to follow on the freeway, but he kept going here and there and i couldn't keep up. My car was acting up, overheating, and spewing, so I had to park it for a while.

I was staying with some friends, and I had a few pieces of furniture. I was worried about this because I knew I wouldn't be staying there long, and wondered how I would transport them or keep them as my car was falling apart. There as a cabinet that I had spent time on fixing up, making beautiful, and at one point in this dream, it fell apart and I realized I had to leave it behind.

I ended the dream at someones house, that had food... there were a lot of "famous" people there making plans talking business and I was in the other room trying to make some graphics work, then the monitor that was above the bed started to attack me.. it was so odd, a few people walked in at this point and while i was attempting to finish this work up, it attacked me over and over. As i tried to manipulate it, it closed in on me, and then i finally had to harness it some how, just give it up..

That was a scary part, as it kept coming at me and there was nothing i could do, but i needed to finish the work. anyway. dreams are crazy symbolic things! fun times.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Crazy ness continues!

So I am living or staying at a school/compound. I feel like we have all been moved there because of something, as I am talking to my relatives/friends via phone about what's happening and asking what's happening with them. In this compound, I am surrounded by architects that are taking classes or designing things and working together. I seem to be someone that is a consultant or an interpreter because I am helping them all. Lots of drawings, not online illustration/mapping. I seem to be the person correcting their mistakes or helping them see steps they have missed

At one point in the dream, I look up and my face is HUGELY wrinkled, almost like I am over 100 years old.. I am shocked by this, and try to put on makeup to hide it. a pure vanity move. ie: no one will ever love me if I look like that.

Wow... I am looking for love in all the wrong places huh? start inside. :)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Hotel Mud

we went to the hair salon to get my son's hair cut, they were super busy. I had left austin in the car. After talking to rhe receptionist, who wasn't paying attention to me because she was drawing minions on paper, i was super upset, and told her I was going to tell the owner what a shitty job she was doing, walked to the car. I saw a suspicious man sitting by the car watching my son. Government uniform, government plates. he drove off as soon as I saw him. I asked my son who it was, he didn't even know he was there. We headed back to the hotel where we were staying.

for some reason we were there with a man (my son and I). He was someone i could trust, and was protective of me. He had knowledge of the government and how it worked. In my dream it was captain america... In the "story" we had been friends a long time and I was helping him out by letting him be there with us, he seemed lonely. We were all laying down trying to sleep.. and he held out his hand, and we held hands for a good while. Then, when I kissed his hand, he moved away from me and wrapped himself up in a sheet. After I reached out in a different way, then again he was receptive to being there. I think this represents someone I know.

After we woke up, my son was going to school, he got a ride from someone. a lady in an older car with a LOT of other kids in it. I wasn't sure but he went anyway. across from the hotel was a nature preserve with horses and things in it. I walked across the street to dump so kitty pellets into the ravine, and as i got closer i noticed that the  horses were drinking water. then I noticed one geting stuck in the mud... i knew I couldn't help it, but as i walked around there I got stuck in the mud and couldn't barely get out! I had to use the tin bucket to help dig and pull my way out of the mud, up a hill. As I walked back across the wood crates set up, so I wouldn't get stuck in the mud again, I heard a message about auto insurance playing in my head... then I woke up.

I woke up wondering who captain america was, and thinking I think my insurance payment is due today. ha!
! yea.. giggle.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I used to dream about warehouses a LOT when I lived in one. Haven't in a while. I miss that open feeling of being in a warehouse. Before the warehouse I was visiting a town, we had double-decker buses and fountains and such.

Last night it went from military storage to abandoned bed after bed after bed with worn-out quilts, to a horse auction, to a black and white photoshoot, on which I was assisting, and being called on for art direction. Complete with Shaman, incense, and roses.

And it was daytime during the entire thing. Thank you DREAMS! So glad to see you again. :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

re awakening

dreams are starting to be more meaningful again.

Last night i dreamt of a long long conversation with my friend. we were talking about missed opportunities and white lies... why we stood people up on dates and what we told them when we did!

I was looking at laundry when I was folding this up. I woke up promptly at that point. Wondering, who is calling me? and not in a sense of on the phone, but someone was reaching for me. this happens some to me.


Thursday, November 7, 2013


Last night I dreamt about going out and getting drunk! I mean I didn't go out to specifically get drunk. I was out around town and was in a bar. It wasn't even a celebration, but someone offered me a drink and I took it. more than one.

Then the next day I went to a meeting and confessed. I have to say that my share was pretty epic. i had to close my eyes to do it, at the end of this share, I opened them and there was no one in the room. I felt very angry that no one wanted to sit and hear my story.

I opened the door to go outside and it seems the power had gone off, then come back on but they didn't know this. I ended up thinking I really need to get home because my son was there alone.

Many MANY other things happened in this dream. These are the things I remember. I woke up and ate a handful of candy... I am on a STRICT diet and did that. Its the equivalent of getting drunk for me right now. NOT good.

I am so grateful to be having this experience of re-learning my body and my life. I send my request to the universe to remain involved in my life and not apathetic and isolated.