Sunday, January 26, 2014

Computer Attack

Last night I was dreaming of a friend, i was supposed to follow on the freeway, but he kept going here and there and i couldn't keep up. My car was acting up, overheating, and spewing, so I had to park it for a while.

I was staying with some friends, and I had a few pieces of furniture. I was worried about this because I knew I wouldn't be staying there long, and wondered how I would transport them or keep them as my car was falling apart. There as a cabinet that I had spent time on fixing up, making beautiful, and at one point in this dream, it fell apart and I realized I had to leave it behind.

I ended the dream at someones house, that had food... there were a lot of "famous" people there making plans talking business and I was in the other room trying to make some graphics work, then the monitor that was above the bed started to attack me.. it was so odd, a few people walked in at this point and while i was attempting to finish this work up, it attacked me over and over. As i tried to manipulate it, it closed in on me, and then i finally had to harness it some how, just give it up..

That was a scary part, as it kept coming at me and there was nothing i could do, but i needed to finish the work. anyway. dreams are crazy symbolic things! fun times.