Friday, October 26, 2007

At our Pace

We were somewhere out in the country driving around. It was fall. The leaves were changing. We had finally gotten together. You had a convertible. We were alone driving around taking pictures. I was looking for a babysitter and found one. We had a full extra day to kiss, smile, hold hands and enjoy the world. Together. Alone and happy. We were laughing and being silly.

i am so smiling right now. so very smiling.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mary Ann

A friend of mine from college. I was driving through the country with friends. (all this is kind of paraphrased as I am remembering bits and pieces). I was in the car with some other friends, in the back seat. There was a friend in the front seat that was turning green. We had to pull over so he could get sick in the gutter. I started noticing gutters. The sidewalks were covered in leaves and there were store fronts. Don't know what kind. As we took off once more we came down a country road to my friend Mary Ann's house. She invited us for a visit. It was a very cute country colonial house. Inside were braided rugs, and bay windows. She was eating something, i said to her I am hungry. She said, lets make some Mac & Cheese. I said okay. She pulled out this Big wooden bowl with a long stick attached. Poured in the ingredients. I said, you cant cook on a gas stove with a wooden bowl. She said, Just do it. In the attempt to cook this Mac & cheese, I spilled half of it out. Then when attempting to put it back in I noticed that there was a black plate on the counter. Put it over the flame as so the wood wouldn't get burned.

It was an afternoon of random things, TV watching, book reading, catching up. Then we left to go to the local pub.

I slept really well.

Monday, October 22, 2007


I am just having flashes of last nights dreams on top of a parking lot outdoors... looking at a clear blue sky. Had a way too late Saturday night. So was really bleary on Sunday, and sunday night.