Saturday, April 21, 2007

Michael J Fox

For some reason through out my life I have dreams about Michael J Fox. A lot. The best one was when he took me to Italy, and we had a wonderful picnic on a hillside overlooking the ocean. nice dream.

Last night he was a boxer/fighter. Not a typical dream. Started in an arena/hotel setting. He was there visiting someone. It was an oldfashioned hotel. He ran into a competitor, and pissed him off. This started the whole seeting up the match to have a public fight. The other guy was a huge balding proffesional wrestler. I remember being in the gift shop, and Michael telling me you have to help me out of this. So we both tried to figure out a way to get out of it. The owner of this gift shop decided to be M's manager. There was a camera involved, that I was using to take pictures, and it was made of gold (significant for me) and the battery wouldn't work, so I kept working on that while they talked. I was sent to check out he setup for the match, and as it goes in dreams, it started out in the center of the hotel, with seating all around, and a second level lookout from where I was standing. All kinds of people. And intesting a message written in spider webs/like charlotte. It was the night before the match. I opted to spend the night at the hotel, they put me up in a room of workers/ womens dorm type situation. All of them were dark haired, and some of them had daughters. They were talking to me about Michael, and how was he going to do. Then I noticed out the window, there was a pond on the left side of hte hotel, and a huge grassy area. The fight went from inside to the grassy area. I saw the bald guy coming out, but no michael. The ladies were all bedridden it seemed, but they could see everything from the windows, they said go check on michael.

I go downstairs, and run into an old friend of ours, (me and micaels) she says to me, are you pregnant? I said, no and besides, michael has found someone else, and I am on my way to the fight. I go outside, and the crowd has left, and Michael has won by default. the bald guy gave up. I go upstairs to find Michael, cuz he isn't outside, and run into a group of his friends and his brothers. They are discussing making an album/music video, and who they are going to produce etc. At this time I look out the window, and a little boy in a duck boat is frantically moving across the muddy dark pond, behind him is another duck boat no driver. the little boy is overtook by the driverless boat, and is taken down. scary, i don't seem concerned about this. Then I look out the other window, and I see Michael and his gang under the tree outside discussing the outcome of the non-match, I go downstairs to talk to this group.

I run into another friend, and we end up talking to an older guest in the hotel. This older woman guest has been talking to my friend for sometime, as they were sitting next to each other in the restaurant. She is my friends nosy neighbor. She starts teling us how wonderful we are, and that she is glad that we are her friends. Begins making out a list of things that we could do together. And before she leaves with her daughter, she puts on brght magenta lipstick and puts kisses all over our faces. I was highly upset with this because, I had put makeup on in the room with all the invalid women and their daughters, and had to redo it before going to see Michael. My friend starts telling me that this neighbor opens her mail. Then I woke up.

I wonder why I have always dreamed of Michael J Fox. I don't find him attractive in anyway. I mean, he is an interesting person, but... hm....

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