Monday, April 16, 2007

The Farmyard

I only remember part of last nights dream.

For some reason I was visiting a ranch. (Well i did actually visit a ranch yesterday). I was with a group of women, most I didn't recognize. The girl I was sharing a room with I did not know. She had short dark wavy hair, and african american. She and I were talking about going to see a psychic. Then the lady from my HR department (we will call her Sally, she had no name in the dream) came in, and was on the phone. My roomate (who also had NO name) in the dream said, to HR-coworker, I have a question for you. (Sally, in my dream, is psychic.) Sally says "I don't have time to give you the answer you need, but here is another woman I trust to help you out. "
Then Sally hands the roomate an IPhone, even though we know they aren't on the market yet, and she calls the psychic. I realize this psychic has the same name as a woman gave me to call in my waking life.

I walk outside to give the room mate some privacy, when I get out there, there are little goat/sheep looking animals, and they have grass and moss growing on their bodies. yikes. and I say to Sally, who has walked outside with me, that is really strange. She says it looks normal to me. I start taking pictures of these animals. Then the whole family that runs the ranch comes down the driveway. The guy who runs the ranch is in a motorized wheelchair/scooter with an american flag on the antenna attached, and a baseball cap with an american flag.

All this time I am taking pictures, then I turn around and see a baby lamb on the backporch by our room. sweet little thing, but as I get closer, I see that this lamb has eyes like the headlights of a 70's superbeetle and am thinking, what is going on with this ranch?

then I woke up. and that was only part of it. :giggles:

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