Friday, August 3, 2007


I dreamt of being in a house by the river. I was visiting someone I think someone I was romantically involved with. As I looked out into the river, my phone rang. It was a friend, and he was crying. I thought it was someone else at first, and got confused. Then once he started describing what was going on, I realized it was B. We had a long conversation about how he was being hurt by someone, and I was telling him what I thought about it. How he had made this choice in a moment of weakness, bought the facade full on, and he had to separate himself from it. He kept on crying. I said, do you need me to come and see you? No he said. I will deal with it. I said OK. And then we talked a bit more.

After that I was at a manufacturing plant on this river watching people work in the warehouse area. They said, we have a problem, and then one of the workers, who of course was a midget (cuz no dream is complete without a midget-giggles) dove into the river. She swam a specific distance, and then her supervisor, who was timing her with a stopwatch, said see? Our timing is all off. Then I looked up. Across the river was a huge amusement park. Going towards it was a paddle boat. I said "Let's get on the boat and go for a ride. Its been too long since I have been on a paddle boat. And we can go have fun." No one wanted to come along. But I waited anyway. I was going with or without them.

then I woke up. sadly. I hope that B is ok.