Friday, October 5, 2007

Movie Baseball

I dreamt of a park I was there with the little one, he was having fun. There was water and mud involved. I remember not wanting him to get in the mud, as he was going somewhere else after this. So was I. I was sitting on the bench talking to some friends, and making some new ones. We were discussing a movie that I was going to see with a friend. They heartily approved of this film. They were older people, content happy couples, and I felt at ease with them.

There were some embarrassing moments in the bathroom with the little man, but we made it past that. I was dressed up and you were in your play clothes. We left in a bus to meet up with our next rendezvous.

For some reason all of the sudden I was at the theatre with some friends, they were looking over my outfit, and decided I needed a bit of changing before I met my "friend". I had on a cream colored outfit, that got changed to black. And I had a cute little hat to wear with it. (a hat at the movies? I don't think so). I found my friend, and we had to make a pit stop at this point. When I go out he was gone, I couldn't find him. I wandered around the theater looking for the one that was playing our movie. Rode all kinds of nifty elevators and escalators... but didn't find the movie. Lost my wallet once, then found it. Lost my shoe once, then found it. Got to the place I thought the movie was playing, and walked in to find a seat. Still no friend. It was fairly empty, so i was scoping out a good location, when I realized there wasn't any movie screen. Then all of the sudden I was out doors at a baseball game! Everyone there was complaining because they too had come to see the movie, and we had been scammed into watching the baseball game.

I got up to go... And that is where the dream ended. a night game. oh well.

I also dreamt about a friend, but that is a more personal matter. :giggles:

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Losing my job

I dreamt last night that I had lost my job. And I wasn't really too upset about that. I just kind of took it in stride.

But thankfully I had this wonderful shower area that was outside, and all these lovely flowers were growing. And it was sunny, and I felt content when I wrapped myself up in the big fluffy white towel when I was done.

sighs. I hope I keep my job for a while.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Trial by Fire

Last night i kept dreaming about this cartoon pig. He was in and out of each segment, and at one point he was being blasted by fire. He screamed, Fried Pork, as his skin was blackening and falling off. He never died.

Then the scene after that we were standing inline for buffet... I wish I had more time to write these things out.

more to come... pass the sweet and sour sauce.