Wednesday, April 18, 2007

last night was faceted.

I don't remember all the details, because so many things were happening.

To begin with, I have had so many celebrity dreams since moving here. Last night? No difference. I was hanging out with Tom Hanks. He and I were doing something together it wasn't at all sexual, but we seemed to be a couple. We were having a big party, with our friends, and he has this idea that he is going to get some hide away beds for them to sleep over in. He pulls up in this huge 18 wheeler with a trailer on the back, we all pile in the cab of the truck with our drinks, and drive over to the "sleep town" store. We get there just as they are turning off the lights, try out quite a few of the beds. Everyone is having fun testing beds, drinking martinis, and then a midget comes out to sell us this particular bed, because the main sales guy is trying to sell us flat no cushioney beds. We buy at least three that I remember, and start loading them up on the truck.

Then we take the truck and start heading back, but it turns into the Swiss Alps, and we are on a train. Taking a tour. We go by a large river, then we come to a small town. Instead of chalets, we see this modern structures, (kind of like the ones I saw in the Family Robinson over the weekend) with an Austrian treatment. There was a glockenspiel of course. and then of course I had to stop in the bathroom. (for some reason in my dreams there is always this bathroom scene, and I am usually visible by anyone that passes by, and its usually impossible to sit down fully). This bathroom was on the main drag of our "guided tour" we were taking through this small town. Everyone had gone ahead, since I was stuck in bathroom land, and when i walked out the door to catch them, i was in the downtown of a big city.

It reminded me of San Francisco, but not by the water as I remember. We were at a fish market, and they were throwing fish, haggling over fish, and we ended up at a restaurant that served a sautéed salmon with herbs. the interesting thing is that you sit in the skillet to eat the fish. i remember thinking why am I sitting in the skillet? then I said, pass the lemon.

and something after that about a boat I don't remember that well. the end.


Lyrically speaking said...

What a dream! So detailed...

melanie said...

i tend to be very detail oriented in my dreams. too bad my artwork doesnt reflect that so much.