Thursday, June 14, 2007

Auditorium & Disaster

It started in an auditorium where I was watching a performance of friends in a play. I sat next to a man who looked like cuba gooding jr. He was a bit off. Not retarded, but not mentally sound. We talked briefly, then as I was walking home, he rode past me on his bike. He mumbled something to me, and I said to him, goodnight, nice talking to you. He got scared and shut his door. I said, oh no you didn't! I knocked on his door, and said, you didn't say goodnight. Then he apologized and invited me in. It was an interesting menagerie in his home. At the base of his home was a huge aquarium with all kinds of fish. There was a heater. He got all panicked because the number was not at 4. And he said, it has to be 4. (and he kept repeating himself in a manic state). Then the fish all came to the side of the glass where we were standing, saying, four, it must be four. then they kept saying, four, four, four, four, until the number went up to four, then they all got silent, and moved back to the tank. He continued to show me around his home, the next room was like a tower, and leading up to the top were all kinds of steps, kind of escher like. White. Clean. Plastic. And there were small bottles of shampoo, lotion, plants, candles, etc. on the stairs. It was very sunny out at this point, and I remember climbing them and feeling good.

After that I left his home and started walking towards my car. I saw all kinds of people standing in the street. There had been some kind of fire in the building next to my car (it was a restaurant). the cars on the side of the building where i was parked were covered in Ash! They could not be moved. I heard them all talking and realized that we weren't able to move our cars. But as I turned the corner, mine wasn't there! I saw the owner on the intercom talking about the cars. He started a reading off a list saying, if you own this car, please come and talk to me. Mine was on the list. As i went to talk to him, he disappeared, and the restaurant closed.

Then I woke up. I hope that there isn't an earthquake at four today, and my car goes missing. yikes.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I am not dreaming this week.

or at least I don't remember them. more to come.

(or should I say, not while i sleep. having daydreams though)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

range rover

I was traveling with a friend in his range rover. he drove it into the water. I remember feeling so anxious. we were under murkey water and I was saying to him, get us out of here. and so he did.

all i can remember.