Friday, October 12, 2007

Costco & Dad

I don't remember all the details... I had a very hectic morning..

I remember groceries, my father being drunk, and driving a van. More this afternoon, I am sure it will come back to me.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cousin and Boy

Last night I dreamt about a cousin of mine. I have never dreamt of this girl in my entire life. She was a clothing designer in NY for many years. Now she lives in California.

This part of the dream, she and I were shopping. Going from store to store. I was looking at something architectural to take to our art class we were going to. She chose something antique, and animal like. I was looking for something less complicated. As we went outside, we met up with some other people. She had a little boy standing next to her. People started picking on this little kid. Hitting him, ripping off his clothes, all the while this kid was smiling. I was furious and trying to get these people to stop. She had sat down or something, not feeling well. When I went over to this little boy who at the time was laying in the street, his eyes were closed shut with what looked like silly putty, or strands of skin. You could see them halfway open, and i was trying to clear them off, but he was smiling all the while. No bruises or anything damaged on him. I was still so angry at whomever was beating up on this child, but couldn't find who was doing it.

Then he was gone, and the dream went somewhere else. Dreams are weird. I found out this morning that my cousin, the one that I dreamt about was in the ER with complications due to her pregnancy. She doesn't know the sex yet. Wanna bet its a boy? :wink:

Monday, October 8, 2007

Aliens and the Surf

So I can only ever remember parts of dreams when I write them after I get to work. The two elements I remember from last nights dreams were going to the beach with a friend and some aliens that looked like jelly fish.

I was going to the beach with a friend. When we finally got there, the part of the beach we decided to stop at was surrounded by huge boulders. the surfers were having to weave around them... it was almost like walking through a cavern in order to get to the sand, but, it wasn't a carved out cave. More like the rocks were stacked upon each other. I lost my friend, and was looking around for her, while I was enjoying watching the surf, and listening to it. The water was a lovely clear green, and it was a pleasant day. I found her and we headed back to the resort we must have been visiting/staying at.

When we got there, it was crowded. And I kept going back to our rooms, only to find other people occupying them. The other people were there for a conference. I wandered off to find food, and something to occupy my time. I went to the restaurant, but they seemed to be closed. I started to help myself, and they put me to work. After that was over, I went to the game room, and was looking for the virtual games. There were quite a few, but all occupied.

I finally got back to my room, and at the end of the room was another door. I went through that door, and there were these people sitting on a dock by the water, saying, the aliens are going to get us. It was dark and stormy day. No rain, but dark dark clouds. There was only two aliens at the beginning. They looked like clear jellyfish. Then they started coming after us and multiplied. We discovered that if we poked holes in the dock with a wooden stake their legs would get trapped in there, they would be immobilized. We started pounding in the stakes, and they were traveling towards us, and the holes were catching their legs... And they were done! We escaped across a bridge, in a car, and that is the last thing I remember.