Monday, April 30, 2007

The house

In my dreams I continually dream of this one location. It happens in various spots that I visit in my dreams. I am a continous traveler. Going all night long in my dreams from one spot to another.

There is a swirling visual vortex in my mind right now bringing flashing images of all the houses I have dreamt about, the stairs, the great rooms, the kitchens, and of course, the bathrooms.

This one house in particular looks like a 70's structure. Lots of glass looking out over various landscapes, including the ocean. Its a multi-level dwelling and the first room I always see from the outside as I approach it is a kitchen. Next to it is a great room with a huge stone fireplace. Very lodge like in appearance, except for the vast 60ft smoke tinted windows. I always have a hint of desire to reside there every time i see this building.

Well last night as I approached it, it looked the same. But when I got up next to it, i realized they had created a bar out of it. Smokey, lots of people, and lots of neon. I walked right by thinking how sad. That was a beautiful place one time.

I really need to get a book on dream analysis.

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