Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dinner for Breakfast

Part of last nights dream, I was in my town, visiting a relative. They had a gorgeous home, lots of picture windows looking onto wonderful landscapes including the ocean. I remember I was there to take care of their pets or something, realized they had come home. I heard voices in the kitchen. I went in and there was about 12 of them sitting around eating various foods. Lasagna, Pizza, Hamburgers, BarBQue... Etc. My first thought was, SEE? it doesnt matter what you eat for breakfast.

Then they said, Hey! Sorry we didn't tell you we were home. Want something to eat?

Then i realized they had all these adopted children, and I was so impressed how well they all got along. It was a really nice feeling dream. I left the house thinking, I hope someday that we (austin and I) are part of a family. And have a big kitchen and a yard to play in.

good dream most of the night.

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