Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cousin and Boy

Last night I dreamt about a cousin of mine. I have never dreamt of this girl in my entire life. She was a clothing designer in NY for many years. Now she lives in California.

This part of the dream, she and I were shopping. Going from store to store. I was looking at something architectural to take to our art class we were going to. She chose something antique, and animal like. I was looking for something less complicated. As we went outside, we met up with some other people. She had a little boy standing next to her. People started picking on this little kid. Hitting him, ripping off his clothes, all the while this kid was smiling. I was furious and trying to get these people to stop. She had sat down or something, not feeling well. When I went over to this little boy who at the time was laying in the street, his eyes were closed shut with what looked like silly putty, or strands of skin. You could see them halfway open, and i was trying to clear them off, but he was smiling all the while. No bruises or anything damaged on him. I was still so angry at whomever was beating up on this child, but couldn't find who was doing it.

Then he was gone, and the dream went somewhere else. Dreams are weird. I found out this morning that my cousin, the one that I dreamt about was in the ER with complications due to her pregnancy. She doesn't know the sex yet. Wanna bet its a boy? :wink:

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Braveheart ( Ela) said...

dreams are very strange, maybe half imagination and half a message.
Probably it is a boy. Interesting.