Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I was having this really nice dream about people and developing some ideas, going places. But at the end of the dream, there was a man that had some experiments he wanted to show me. And some things buried in the garden that he was trying to get rid of.

So we were standing there and he digs up this vile with a bug in it. I was kicking around in the dirt, and a millipede crawled out of the test tube, and it started climbing under my big toe. I was shaking and shaking to get it off, but I couldn't. Then I woke myself up out of fear. Unfortunately that was the last vision and I couldn't remember the good parts of this dream.

stupid head. what am i thinking about? Am I ruining my chances by stirring up some dirt?


Father Luke said...

I so seldom dream. Dreams are
extremely rare for me. That's the
fucking truth.

I'm here, reading, to experience night
dreaming through your written word.

I mean, as if it really fucking mattered why I'm here.

- -
Father Luke

Melanie said...

hey father, it matters. I am glad that you are reading them. then you can see exactly how messed up I really am!

I have to say, i only write down about half of what happens in them too.

I dream 24 hours a day. The sleeping ones are usually the wildest. :wink:

Father Luke said...

What's weird, M, is that I can't keep
my eyes open at work. Not so strange
in itself, but I begin to

You know that I've been off drugs
for a good long while. And the
strangest things cross my mind
between blinks.

If I dream at night, the dreams are
prophetic, and come true within 24
- -
Father Luke