Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Band

A coworker is in a band. I got a flyer for his next performance. explains the following.

I was going to see a band play. It was in a hotel. My son and I walked upstairs to the Bar/Lounge area. There were a lot of family members there. And the stage was elevated with windows behind them. The platform was like a pyramid, and so the artists could sit on the side and play if they wanted. I found a spot to sit down, and found someone for my son to play with. And I got a drink. Saw some good looking men, and was getting all excited. Ended up sitting next to the stage and watching the band, and talking to the coworker that was playing.

I was so comfortable in this dream. I felt at home, and kind of excited the entire time. I decided it was some kind of omen, and have to go and see these guys perform. Thankfully the real venue is outdoors! bring on the music.

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