Thursday, November 22, 2007


Ok. I was out on a date with a man, and my son was along with us. He seemed like a nice person, but I was watching the time while we were driving. He drove us around for almost two hours. I said, where the h*ll are we going? Just then I noticed out the window of the car, we were in the country on a dirt road, and I panicked. I said, pull over the car right now. He wouldn't. He was going slow enough for me to jump out of the van we were driving in, but my son was left in the car. The man didn't stop. He kept going. I was a mess about what was going to happen to my child.

I walked a bit further down the road and found myself at a cabin. There were all kinds of people in this cabin. A wife and her husband, who was suffering some kind of shell shock. A little girl, and a few others. I seemed to connect with this shell shocked man. He didn't say much and was kind of out of it most of the time. Mumbling and making wild gestures. He took me outside and I discovered all kinds of animals that could talk to me. Interesting they were all excited to see me for some reason. Nice animal love. LOL.

Then I went back inside and was asking these people all kinds of questions. Seemed that they too had been kidnapped by the man, and left at the cabin. I asked why they didn't leave or find a way to get out. There was all kinds of food, and drinks. I asked how they got there. NO one seemed to know, and they had been there for some time. I managed to convince the little girl that it was time for us to take a walk and find something or someone, and get everyone out of there. So we did. As soon as we made it halfway down the road, a few cars pulled up to save us, and my son was in one of them. We were rescued.

The next part of my dream, I was at a resort of some kind, and I was with all kinds of beautiful people. I was a clothes designer, and I was making dresses. There was a dark haired man there, (again) and he was with someone else. I was taking some outfits and mixing others with it together. I don't remember the outcome of the dream.

but I do remember that complex series of buildings and the people the man had left behind there. Some kind of collection, like dolls or something. I remember braided rugs, antiques that looked like they hadn't been cleaned in years. Different cabins that were much smaller and all were furnished.

in the hills. green grass. dark trees like it had just rained or was winter. but it wasn't cold out.

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