Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stones and Skinny

I always seem to remember the final scenes in the movie.. no i mean my dreams. giggle.

I had been at the park with some friends, beautiful lush park I remember seeing this beautiful man and talking to him. Briefly. Philosophically.

Then I was at home, upstairs, waiting for a room mate/mother figure to come home. I was living in a house with two (maybe three) people. The house was cluttered with paper and books. All kinds of my writing, all kinds of writing every where. I had been asleep. When I woke up, another person was there, can't remember much about that person. But they were telling me this beautiful man had left me a stone sculpture on my kitchen table. I remember thinking about the man in the park, and that he had left it there for me. So. We were discussing that, and various other things, when I heard the other room mate come in. I disliked this woman immensely. She was bitchy and self centered. She purposely destroyed things. As soon as I heard her come in, i knew that she would destroy my sculpture before I could get a picture of it. I yelled down to her, don't move that until I have a chance to photograph it. I jumped up and grabbed my camera. As i was coming down the stairs I noticed all kinds of books, and spiral notebooks with poetry all over them. I was having a difficult time getting down the stairs. She was bitching about how messy the place was, and that the sculpture was a bunch of "dirty rocks" on her table. As i finally made it to the point on the stair where I could see it, she was there about to knock it over. I said, no, she looked at me and knocked it down. I said Thats IT... And i proceeded to beat the shit out of this skinny pushy woman. Telling her over and over again, how mean she was, and self centered. And that I could break her scrawny bones in a heartbeat. Once she was good and complacent, I decided to go for a walk. Ease up a bit.

When I went outside, I was somewhere else. I want to say England. Architecturally. I was walking and ran into the man who I had met earlier, and we continued our chat. I thanked him for his present, told him my story, he didn't laugh. Just smiled and said something kind. Then I noticed we were humming the same song. We laughed. I kept thinking how mysterious and alluring he was. That no matter if anything happened between us, he would not be someone to stay in my life for any amount of time. Then we embraced and it felt like we were one person. I remember him saying to another that was there with us, if you keep whistling, then your man will come too. She started practicing whistling and we all laughed together.

And of course we continued to kiss and entwine, but nothing too heavy, because you always wake up when the good parts come... dangit.

the end.

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