Monday, October 15, 2007

Pearls and Sand

Shoot. I hate forgetting my dreams... here is part.

Walked up to the beach to hang out with some friends. Beautiful Day. (having a flash of a solarium right now, but don't know how that relates, maybe in the hotel/resort I was at). Sun is shining I lay out my towel with my friends. Take a walk down the beach, and run into a casual acquaintance. I ask her how she is, we go into this discussion about her life. How she was a bad girl at one point and how things are turning around because that is what she wants, and is trying to do. I notice she is wearing pearls. I think this is strange, seeing as she is at the beach. Then I walk away, back towards my friends. As I get there I notice that the water is starting to get more turbulent, waves are picking up. Then my new friend wearing the pearls walks by. I say something casual, like good seeing you again. Where are you off too? She starts into this scenario about how this man from her past has her under his power (lack a better way to describe it). That she has to meet him at a bar. For some reason I decide to go with her to this place.

We walk into the bar/lounge. The walls have mirrors, black leather booths, red carpet, red velvet curtains drape one wall. Everyone is getting up to greet us, saying hello. Then, This man walks out from behind the curtain saying rude and hateful things to her. Then his eyes turn red, and he becomes a wolf. Growling, looking like he is going to devour her. He continues to say things to her, and she says to me, you better go now. So I leave.

(pretty david lynch if you ask me.)

sighs. I slept really good last night despite all that craziness.

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