Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sunshine and Rain

Last Night i dreamt I lived in a tree house. I had taken a long road trip too. Been on the freeway a lot in the last few weeks. This time I was working somewhere, selling licquor or something alcohol related. On my way back home, I made a wrong turn and had to turn around. When I did, I grabbed a yellow rose, thinking, I would love to plant this in my garden. As I entered the freeway it blew out of my hand,and across the road. I managed to grasp it as I was going by. and made it home with just the foliage and not the flower.

When I got home, I drove up to my place, and it was a tree house! (I was kind of excited to see that) It had started raining, but it was still sunny at the same time. I was preparing to go and see a concert. I can't remember who it was, but I do remember having to take of my contacts as my eyes were killing me. Then I was getting ready, and my house turned into a bar/licquor store. And I was discussing things with people entering the establishment, while getting ready for this show.

I have not been drinking. My last drink was a glass of wine on Saturday.


Molly said...

Wish I could remember my dreams. I'm vaguely aware, when first I wake that I've been dreaming, but before I can grasp the details the dream vanishes into the mist. Very frustrating.....My comment on your other post showed up as a different name. Thanks for visiting!

Carmen said...

I dream, too