Monday, July 9, 2007

A resort

I was at a beach resort, meeting some friends. I ran into a man that was trying to seduce me. The water was warm, the weather was perfect, and we were lusting for each other. We decided to go to the room and make love... He kept asking me questions about someone I was involved with. I said, that we weren't serious. I remember that he was all I wanted. He was crying to me about our situation, I was all he wanted. We ended up going back out to the water, to enjoy some sunshine, and then others came up looking for us. I was thinking, how much I wished I was single, because this other man was my soul mate, not the man I was with. And we were attempting to touch in front of these people while no one was looking.

I must be in dire straights. Because I am not involved physically with anyone right now. sighs.

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eastcoastdweller said...

Dream sex -- how perfect. No STDs,no morning breath, no regrets, no consequences at all. Lucky you. (o: