Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Party

People had stopped by my apartment to look at something, we ended up having a party in the yard. Everyone was running around outdoors, and for some reason I didn't have anything on at first. Then someone showed up that I spoke with online, and I wanted to be dressed right, but couldn't find anything to wear. I kept looking for the right music, and the person I wanted to talk to left the party.

I ended up sitting near the box, changing the CD's, and talking to this couple of guys that were making out. They were also doing drawings. Someone came up to talk to them about their art. He was telling them about a book we were submitting this art to. I didn't see his face after he walked up behind me. While he was behind me I asked him if I could participate. He said let me see your art. As he leaned over my shoulder, he said, this is wonderful. Then he kissed me on the shoulder. I was surprised. I said, thank you, hesitating, but kissed him on the cheek. Then of course as dreams go, the sexual tension took over, and it was a slow, kind and passionate exchange of kisses. I backed off saying, i didn't expect that. He said, me either, but I want to do it again.

Then I walked away with a promise to make out with this man again. And woke up. rats.

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