Monday, June 25, 2007

The Nuns

I dreamt about the nuns that I took a picture of at the beach. I was on a street with different things going on, but they were swimming in the ocean. I also dreamt of my friend CiCi and she was selling breakfasts to people. A friend had come to see me and I was showing them around SB... when I had to stop. He left on the concord, and left me a ticket to follow him at some other time. There was mayhem in the streets. Someone's house had caught fire, and the homeless were sitting out in front yelling prophecies to the people walking by. I kept searching for a restroom, but couldn't find one.

This dream was so disjointed and full of weird elements that I don't really have any grasp as to what was going on. But, I do remember the nuns. they were swimming in the ocean, and they asked me to join them.

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