Saturday, January 4, 2014


Crazy ness continues!

So i am living or staying at a school/compound. i feel like we have all been moved there because of something, as I am talking to my relatives/friends via phone about whats happening and asking whats happening with them. In this compound, I am surrounded by architects that are taking classes or designing things and working together. I seem to be someone that is a consultant or an interpreter, because I am helping them all. Lots of drawings, not online illustration/mapping. I seem to be the person correcting their mistakes or helping them see steps they have missed

at one point in the dream I look up and my face is HUGELY wrinkled, almost like I am over 100 years old.. i am shocked by this, and try to put on makeup to hide it. a pure vanity move. ie: no one will ever love me if I look like that.

Wow... I am looking for love in all the wrong places huh? start inside. :)

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