Monday, December 3, 2007

Old boyfriend, mudslide and drugs

Man. dreams are so weird. I only remember part of this dream. An old boyfriend of mine was hanging out with me. He had drugs with him that he spilled all over the kitchen floor, I kept thinking, my parents are coming, or someone important, and I had to clean that up! I was trying to save some of it and realized I was obsessing over nothing.

Then he and I went to his place because we got some kind of warning that one of his horses was in trouble. So we took off to his house. I got worried because his wife was going to be there, and didn't want her to be upset he was hanging out with me! She arrives on a moped, and the dogs come running. Everything turns out to be ok. We had some serious negotions with someone, and there was a huge mudslide underneath their home.

I woke up feeling cold and confused.

edit: i realized something this morning, that I dreamt about oprah over and over again before I moved to SB. I wonder if that was some kind of premonition that I would be living in Santa Barbara?

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