Wednesday, June 6, 2007


There was a storm in the house I was staying at, Part of the roof was torn off in the wind. I left and went to stay in a temporary place, an apartment that was smaller than my own. My upstairs neighbor was a red head. He worked in a blood bank. I went with him to give blood, and they tested me, but I couldn't give. Then I remember having to tie my work boots before I left but none of the laces matched up. spent a good amount of time on that one.

Then for some reason I was back in the 1940's working out of our family restaurant/gift shop at Coney Island. I had seen a bus full of black people come by earlier, down the pier. We had gotten a huge box of frozen/fresh food from someone that gave it to us. I asked our maid why they gave us the food when we already had so much. Shouldn't i run some of it to that family on the bus? she agreed.I packed up and wandered down the street, which basically was a river/bayou. It had become New Orleans. I saw a mermaid in the water. She was looking at me. Looking for me. she followed me down the street (which actually was water and i was walking on it). Then I ran into King Neptune, hanging out on the side of this river. I said hello, but he was silent and slipped back into the clear green water. As I went further into town, i came across a pack of wild monkeys attacking the homeless people in the poorer areas of town. Then I came across a train track, which basically led me back to where I had started.

When I got back there it was modern times. A group of my friends were dressed up to see a show. And we got in the car. I had some boxes that I had to put in storage, but we didn't have time to find a place to do that. The gentleman driving the car seemed to be infatuated with me and was trying to make out with me while he was driving the car. The last images I have are me and this gentleman in the car, going under a hotel (which was over the road) and me thinking we should stop here, if we are going to be making out.

then I woke up. that wasn't all that happened, but a good collection of it. Wonder what the mermaid represents? She was very adamant about watching me.

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