Sunday, May 6, 2007


In part of my dream last night i was drawing the arches of a historic building, might have been where I live. Behind it was some kind of stable, that I had to put in the drawing. As I walked over to check out the stable, I saw some little white holding pens, small enough to hold a rabbit. They were elevated, without tops, and when I walked over and looked inside, I saw birds. There were some finches, and some hummingbirds tending to thier young. (all this walking towards the building had soemthing to do with me getting an eraser and ruler to draw with.

As I walked away from that back to the place I was drawing, I wound up in a room with some friends. One was a man that was sarcastic and recently hurt by a woman. One was a black woman in a red outfit, and the other was a silent woman. He and I spared over art, and some other things, one being relationships. I managed to convince him of something before the end of the conversation, I can't remember exactly what that was. But he seemed willing to not give up on love by the end.

I continued to draw this building.

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